Battle Rapper Goes Viral Because He Hates His Black Skin

A rapper named Georgio Casper may have to hang up the mic over some tasteless bars.

(AllHipHop News) When you are trying to come up in the battle rap industry, you might rely on your lyrical prowess.

Some people believe that having a cool image, bringing swag to the table, or linking with the right rap crew.

Few take the Arsonal da Rebel route and choose to do the disrespectful route. Problem is …

If you don’t know who you are and really how to finesse, you are gonna say something that will make you look like a fool.

In this case, a self-loathing-p##########-unoriginal perp trying to come up by talking about another Black man’s child in a way that indicative of how either how wack you are or how desperate you are.


His name is Georgio Casper and get a good glimpse of his name because he will probably never be covered here again. #LeaguesTakeNote

What Casper (and there is something deep about that), a dark-skinned- Black man with locs, does is puts on front street colorism and sexism at its best.

Let’s be clear, as a culture, men are sexist in the many things that they say.

But there is a limit or special level of ignorance jacked in this particular battle that has made more than a few people stop and say, “Nah Bruh.”

In the battle, homie talks about his girl and his child are both light-skinned and prettier than his opponent’s girlfriend and child.

Like so many others, he equates their complexion with their right to have a better quality of life and implies that they should not be exploited.

That’s that bulls##t.

There really is no win for him and social media dragged him. And even a vet in the culture gave him the smackdown.