Benny The Butcher Blasts People Copying Griselda’s Moves

“Stop the bullsh*t. Pay homage.”

The Griselda collective is one of the top crews in Hip Hop at the moment. Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn, and Conway The Machine built a prosperous movement out of Buffalo, New York.

Over the last several years, Griselda dropped numerous well-received solo projects, including Westside Gunn’s Pray for Paris, Conway The Machine’s From King to a God, and Benny The Butcher’s Burden of Proof. The label also released the WWCD (What Would Chine Gun Do) group album.

With success, comes imitation. Apparently, Benny The Butcher is taking issue with other unnamed artists supposedly imitating what Griselda has been able to establish over the last half-decade.

“It’s crazy that n##### want to copy your moves just to be in competition with you,” said Benny The Butcher in a 14-second video posted to his Instagram Story. “N##### be wanting you to sharpen their sword so they can go and battle against you. Stop the b#######. Pay homage, n####. It’s only one Griselda, p####.”

Benny The Butcher did not directly name the individuals he believes are attempting to duplicate the independent record label. There have been rumors about possible tension involving Griselda and other rap factions.

A 2019 sitdown with the Rap Radar Podcast led to the speculation of a brewing feud between Griselda and Top Dawg Entertainment or Dreamville Records. Westside Gunn had to clarify that his comments claiming his team is the top group in Hip Hop because of their musical output was not meant to be a diss towards TDE or Dreamville.

“It was A LOT of controversy after this interview. They tried to make it seem like I was starting beef [with] TDE & Dreamville when in actuality I had and have nothing but ❤️ for them n#####… since then Bro dropped 3x. I’ve dropped 2x, Benny bout to drop then I’m dropping again. Was I wrong? 🤷🏽‍♂️,” tweeted Westside Gunn.