Benny The Butcher Endorses Donald Trump In The 2024 Presidential Race

benny the butcher

The New Yorker once rapped about wanting the Democrats to steal an election from Trump.

Leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may be facing multiple state and federal indictments, but that has not stopped Benny The Butcher from expressing his support for the MAGA leader.

Donald Trump, the former one-term President of the United States, has been a polarizing politician since announcing his presidential campaign in 2015. While becoming a god-like figure for many conservatives, Trump is equally as detested by many liberals and progressives.

“I’m votin’ Trump 2024,” posted Benny The Butcher on the X social media platform. Many of the Buffalo native’s fans began questioning why he chose to back Donald Trump’s latest run for the White House.

One person asked Benny if his Trump endorsement was a roll-out for new music. The 38-year-old rapper responded, “Naw, I’m [just] voting for Trump… never had to do silly [s###] for a roll-out, y’all be aight.”

Another person pointed out Benny The Butcher’s lyrics from his 2016 track “Tom Ford Socks” where he raps, “I hope the Democrats steal the election from Trump.” Benny replied, “Yea, that’s old my boy.”

Another X user asked Benny, “Hov [Jay-Z] never needed a president to make money so why [are] you doing it?” The Tana Talk 4 album creator answered, “Everybody ain’t Hov… it’s not for money, my boy, I’m rich already.”

Benny the Butcher rose to prominence in Hip Hop circles as a member of the Griselda collective alongside Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine. Griselda released several projects, including 2019’s WWCD, which came out via Eminem’s Shady Records.