Benzino Returns To Social Media After Getting Knocked For Allegedly Harassing Althea’s New Man

Benzino is back on social media and has some things to say about his recent arrest for hounding his ex-girlfriend's new man!

(AllHipHop News) The world has been told, via reality television, that Ray Benzino is not the same man that beat up his editorial team back in the day over at the magazine that he used to own. Through shows like *Love & Hip Hop Atlanta *(three

seasons) and *Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars*, we have seen him grow into a responsible man that seems to work hard to keep his Boston Almighty RSO in check — but apparently old habits die hard.

According to reports, Benzino attacked his baby mother’s male friend, damaging his car after finding them on Friday, July 31 taking a casual stroll in their community.

The man, who remains unnamed, told law enforcement he was with his girlfriend, Althea Eaton when he discovered that his 2018 Chevy Silverado was Benzino was there to start trouble. Mostly, because he believed that he and his BM were still hot and steamy. If you remember, the two recently appeared on Marriage Boot Camp together in efforts to work on their relationship.

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The man says that Althea never told him and so he wanted to leave. Benzino impeded his progress, stopping him from entering the vehicle by beating his fist into the car so much that there were dents in the side of the door. The police acknowledge, according to TMZ, that they saw the dents on the driver’s side.

Benzino’s alibi is that he was in the neighborhood to catch his son’s tennis match. In his account, it is the unnamed man and new love of Althea that was the aggressor. The former Hip-Hop magazine publisher says that the man threatened to shoot him.

Ultimately, Ray Benzino was arrested and taken to Gwinnett County Jail on 1 count of criminal damage 2nd degree and 1 count of disorderly conduct. His bail was $8,450.

Benzino recently returned to social media and issued a comment on his arrest.

“Nah I’m good, no need to defend myself, clout and fame is the biggest drug of all. I know the truth. You want a response? Here it go,” Benzino said and announced his new song “The Bigger Picture” will drop next week.

“Don’t got too much to say other than I’m home and God is good. Just know there’s another side to the story and I’ll be addressing mine at a later time,” Benzino said.

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