BeyHive Stings Saucy Santana Over Resurfaced Tweets About Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Daughter Blue Ivy

Saucy Santana and Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s fans are going in on Saucy Santana over some past tweets about Blue Ivy. Read more!

Black Twitter never forgets anything!

Connecticut LGBTQ rapper Saucy Santana learned real quick to watch what you say about Hip-Hop’s favorite couple or their offspring after fans and critics refused to let up on the crossdressing rapper for dissing Blue Ivy.

Back in 2014, Saucy Santana made some disparaging tweets about Blue Ivy, calling her “nappy headed” and even negatively compared the 10-year-old child celebrity to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West.

He also directed his disrespect towards Bey, saying she looked “dry af” during her pregnancy and claimed to be prettier than Queen Bey.

Now, Saucy Santana and a few of his supporters contend that those tweets were from his years of immaturity and he has grown since then, but that excuse is falling on deaf ears.

It doesn’t matter because Saucy Santana refuses to apologize for his nearly decade-old tweets and the Beyhive isn’t letting up.

This internet spectacle started on the same day (June 10th) as the release of Saucey’s breakout single “Booty” featuring L:atto, but it looks like his tweets about the Carter women will get him more attention than his music.