Beyonce Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing ‘XO’ Song From Background Singer


One of Beyonce’s former backup singers is accusing her of being a thief. Ahmad Lane, a former backup singer, alleges that he wrote Beyonce’s#### “XO” first and that Bey stole it from him, Radar Online reports. Lane has filed a $7 million lawsuit against Bey.

According to the documents, Lane says that while singing background for another artist along with fellow background singer Chrissy Collins, who also sings backup for Beyonce, he shared his song “XOXO” with her. Lane believes that Collins shared the song with the “7/11” singer.

Lane says that “XO”  “allegedly copies the first four bars of an eight bar melody that is looped,” and “contains a four note sequence that is similar to the four note sequence” of his song.

On June 5th, Beyonce responded to these claims saying that she is world renowned singer who has sold 118 million records and won 17 Grammys and does not have to resort to such measures to birth a hit song. She called the allegations “vague and cryptic” and said that the two songs have no similarities besides the “X” and the “O.”

Yonce’s attorney also stated that the two songs are also different in nature, with Lane’s song featuring lyrics about “being horny” and  “wanting to love every inch of the lover’s body.” Beyonce’s “XO” was described as a “celebration of love and life, emphasizing the importance of living in the present with a loved one ‘before our time has run out.’”

Beyonce and her legal team are fighting to have the case dismissed.