Beyonce’s Cousin, Hip-Hop Artist Kardone, Killed By Another Rapper


A member of Beyonce’s family was slain in Texas this week, by a female rapper. 

Beyoncé’s family has just experienced a horrific tragedy, and law enforcement moved swiftly to bring justice to the rising star that few knew was related to the billionaire pop star.

Kardone, whose real name is Martell Derouen, popped on the scene in 2010, making moves as a rapper.

A native Louisiana boy, he and his family are cousins to the “Halo” singer by way of her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson’s family. Tina’s grandmother was named Agnèz Deréon and it is not uncommon for some family names to have variations. 

As an artist, Kardone didn’t want people to know about the kinship because he wanted to establish himself on his own merit. 

It was this type of hustle that got the 34-year-old a deal, at Sony Entertainment — coincidentally Queen Bey’s distribution company. 

However, the “Easy Go” emcee’s light was dimmed, according to the San Antonio Express-News, after he was found by the San Antonio police dead after they were called to conduct a welfare check on the artist on Tuesday, Jan. 26. 

An undisclosed neighbor expressed concern after not hearing from him for a few days. Law enforcement arrived at The Towers apartments (16735 La Cantera Parkway) to find that he had been shot dead.

Officials do have a suspect. Her name is Sasha Skare, who is also reportedly a rapper. 

Skare is 21-years-old and was already out on bond since last year for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon over an altercation that happened in 2019 in Austin. One man was killed, during a drug deal gone bad, reports note.

While there is no word from the Knowles-Carter family, Kardone’s wife Joia Derouen posted on social media the following hashtag:


His brother took to IG to alert people about the unfortunate circumstances of his death.

“This Girl shot and killed my brother @lamkardone and is on the run to now Florida or Colorado. if you have any info or kno about this trifling, bastard DM me. Your days are numbered and I wish nothing but the worst for you @hyqualityoriginal.”