Rapper Big Boogie Denies Connection To Deadly Mass Shooting In Dallas

Big Boogie

CMG rapper Big Boogie has denied any connections to a deadly shootout in Dallas, Texas last night (April 2nd).

According to local reports, 11 people were shot, and one person was killed at the Second Annual Epic Easter Bike Out & Field Party.

A 26-year-old man named Kealon Dejuane Gilmore was found with a fatal gunshot room to the head near a stage, and three juveniles were among the injured.

One of the teenagers has been listed in critical condition, well the other victims are listed in stable condition at local hospitals.

Over 2,000 people attended the concert and trail ride, which was in a remote location in Southern Dallas.

Big Boogie Issues Statement Over Mass Shooting In Dallas
Big Boogie Issues Statement Over Mass Shooting In Dallas

“I Came To The Trail Ride And People Died And Kids So They Wouldn’t Let Me Perform I’m Down It’s Not My Fault We Rather Be Safe Then,” Big Boogie said on IG.

“Sorry If I Let Any Fans. Sorry My Prayers To Those Who Lost They Life In Dallas Everything Happen Before I Came,” Big Boogie concluded.

Witnesses told police that a fight broke out during the evening, and gunshots were fired shortly after the dispute.

According to witnesses, one person shot into the air attempting to break up the brawl, and someone else allegedly fired into the crowd of people.

“Last night’s violence was horrific and unacceptable. I am praying for the victims, and I look forward to our police department bringing those responsible to justice,” Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson told WFAA in a statement. “Public safety remains our top priority, and I will be conferring with Police Chief Eddie Garcia to see what more can be done to stop this kind of violence in our city.”

The police are investigating Gilmore’s death as a homicide.