Big Fendi Apologizes To Whole City Over Canceled “Nuttin But Azz” B-Ball Tournament At High School

Big Fendi

A provocative basketball event planned at West Side High School in Newark has been canceled, igniting controversy over misleading promotional content.

Forget the three-point line; a controversial basketball event at West Side High crossed all kinds of lines with its provocative promo.

Chaos erupted over the “Nuttin’ But Azz” celebrity basketball event planned at West Side High School in Newark, New Jersey, which was ultimately canceled due to its provocative nature.

The tournament, which was supposed to be hosted by Hip-Hop manager Big Fendi, faced public outrage after a promotional video depicting women in scanty attire twerking in a school gym made waves on social media.

The flamboyant promotional video misled the school district and the community, suggesting a harmless athletic event when it was far more provocative.

Newark school officials, who believed they were approving a community basketball game, swiftly canceled the July 21, 2024, event.

Tickets for the contentious event ranged from $50 general admission to $500 for premium floor seats, with a hefty $10,000 prize awaiting the top four teams.

Big Fendi, known for discovering Nicki Minaj, apologized publicly, taking full responsibility for the misunderstanding.

Caught in the uproar was Newark Councilman and former Lords of the Underground rapper Dupré Kelly, whose office had been involved in arranging the venue.

Kelly emphasized that his involvement was based on the understanding of a family-friendly community basketball game.

Responding to the backlash, Newark Public Schools released a statement expressing their regret over the situation.

“No school or district official was aware of the video until it was posted on social media,” Public Schools spokeswoman Nancy Deering said in a statement to “This was supposed to be a community basketball event sponsored by Councilman Kelly. No school or district official approved the activity depicted in the video or knew that an event at one of our schools would include such activity.”

They reiterated that the district had no prior indication of the event’s risqué elements. After learning the event’s true nature, the school officials acted swiftly to cancel the booking.

In his public apology, Big Fendi acknowledged that the school and city officials had no prior knowledge of the attire participants would be wearing.

“We were doing an event and then, you know, things went a little left, and out of control, and I take full responsibility for that, cause you guys had no knowledge of what these girls would be wearing in this celebrity game.”

Check out Big Fendi’s apology video below:

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