Big Sean Explains Battle With Suicidal Thoughts

Big Sean admitted he was depressed a few years ago and even briefly considered killing himself!

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Big Sean has learned to embrace life’s ups and downs after experiencing suicidal thoughts at the height of his mental health struggles.

The “Blessings” star previously revealed he turned to a therapist in 2018 to help with feelings of anxiety and depression, but now he’s sharing just how bad his mental state had become as he struggled to find joy in making music, even though it was his lifelong dream.

In a series of Twitter posts, Big Sean wrote, “I don’t feel like this currently, but I had never gone through wanting to kill myself, give up on my life until the past few years and I didn’t realize how important it was to embrace the ups n downs of life and enjoy (in joy) taking active steps to better it. it’s the Journey!”

“I thought doing what I loved would always make me happy and satisfied, so when I got tired of it, I was confused and it drove me insane,” he continued.

“Later I realized I was just growing n had to gain a new mentality and foundation on many levels n re-discover my passion! And try new things.”

Big Sean is the first to admit overcoming the emotional battle wasn’t easy, but he’s sharing a message of encouragement for others who may face similar struggles: “That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn how to do, I pray if and when it happens to you, you just hold on to your faith!” he wrote. “You may discover more passions if it’s meant to be as well. Not sure if we are only meant to do one thing in life, who knows for sure.”

The Hip-Hop star also touched on the feelings of self-doubt which plagued him as he began focusing once more on his music, creating songs which eventually formed the tracklist for his new album, Detroit 2.

“While I was working on me and figuring things out (still am everyday but I just mean while I was making the album) I was worried that it was taking too long, and adding extra stress to my life worrying if people will even still want to hear from me, but even then I still… I couldn’t rush it,” he explained.

“I listened to God and myself for when the time was right. That’s one of the hardest things to do as an artist was be on my time, and not the time everyone kept telling me is right for me. I had to learn MY timing isn’t everyone else’s timing n that’s fine (sic).”

Since releasing Detroit 2 on Friday, Big Sean has been reading the positive feedback from fans online, and he couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

“I don’t know if my album Detroit 2 is goin #1 (on the charts) or not, that would be crazy if it did,” he tweeted, “but I feel like it’s already #1 to me because all I put into it, what I went through to make it and the impact it’s had on some of you. I’m too grateful for that alone!”

Detroit 2 features guest appearances from his late friend Nipsey Hussle on the song Deep Reverence, on which Sean indicates his longtime girlfriend Jhene Aiko suffered a miscarriage which left him emotionally broken.