Bill Cosby Under Fire Again After New Accuser Files Charges


Though many have argued that the accusations that Bill Cosby is currently facing occurred too long ago to establish concrete evidence, new accuser Chloe Goins has officially filed charges for an incident that she claims happened in 2008 at the Playboy Mansion. According to Goins, she was drugged and sexually assaulted by the fallen comedian and is now looking for her day in court.


After formally filing charges with the LAPD her lawyer advised “Ms. Goins is now determined to accomplish what so many other victims no longer have the opportunity to do— to be the girl that puts Mr. Cosby behind bars, where he belongs. Ms. Goins is here today to seek justice…She fully understands and accepts the immense responsibility that her decision to be here today carries. 

The statement continued, “Apparently, Mr. Cosby feels brazen and confident enough in his actions to make jokes in his recent comedy shows about the 25 plus women that have been brave enough to come out and tell their stories of what he did to them.” Her lawyer added, “Ms. Goins is certainly not joking…Mr. Cosby should and will be held accountable.”

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37 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Under Fire Again After New Accuser Files Charges”

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  2. DC King Of Hearts

    So when this doesn’t work, what do think may happen? Will this discredit the others? Who’s to say? All I’m gon say is “CAN WE GET THIS SHIT OVER WITH ALREADY?” GAHH

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  4. I want a b*tch to say he took the p*ssy strong arm style…f*ck these h*es…cut all this sh*t out…talking about drugging up b*tches…
    bill could’ve had plenty of bitches then and maybe now….now you’re telling me he f*cked u 6 years ago? Gtfoh…he was 71 and she was 18….this is f*cking ridiculous
    they are gonna keep making sh*t come up until bill cosby is dead I guess…

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  6. If this fresh one doesn’t stick,then the rest will probably have to call it a day. Now he’s going to have to see a courtroom possibly so now we’ll see.

  7. The hell was he doin at the playboy mansion in 2008, do they have an “old balls in your mouth” that i think about it, it wouldn’t seem to far off but i doubt it wasn’t mutual!

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      1. All you have to do is control your breathing and heart rate, which is easier than it sounds, There is a reason they can’t be used as evidence in a trial anymore. It’s because anybody with a little concentration and will power can beat them, They gave Ted Bundy one once and he passed saying he would never harm a woman lol

      2. It works the other way to though man. Live on television a person might get too nervous, their pulse will speed up and they’d fail on a question about what their own name is.

        Their just unreliable overall. A person with no soul could kill somebody and 5 minutes later pass saying they didn’t, where as somebody with bad nerves would fail when asked if they breathe oxygen.

  9. It was her first time doin Molly and she woke up next to Bill Cosby …. Deal with it…she’s just mad at herself for getting fukd up and doin him. All these broads are idiots

  10. Wow who would have ever imagined that an old azz nxgga chilling at the playboy mansion would try to have sex with a young girl? What she thought they were gonna do talk about the weather? This shxt gets stranger and stranger

    1. This is it for Cosby, he won’t make it through this one, but if he does, he won’t make it through the next ones after this batch!

      Bill Cosby used to a rape victim for every bump on your face, now he has one for every dollar in your pocket…..elsewhere in the news, another Blackman was mistakenly shot by police 4,374X after his hand was mistaken for a weapon by police responding to a call of a suspicious male. The victim, 16yr old Maximillius Jenkins, had just started a new job at the local Chinese resturaunt as the deliveryman, and was on his first delivery in the mostly affluent section of Whiteville, Wisconsin…In other news, Bob Arum has stated that Manny PacMan has agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather….under Manny & Arum’s terms, and are just waiting for Mayweather to stop ducking. On the lighter side of the news, the local McDonald’s on Martin Luther King Jr & Pope John paul Boulevard ran out of Chicken Mcnuggest today, and caused this incredible scene…live of the scene with Alicea “What You Know About Me” Jenkins : Alecia? ~~~>

      1. Yea they trying to make it so he can’t get no funding or sponsorship for the channel I remember he tried to buy nbc then his son died Hollywood the devils playground

  11. i did 2 weeks in the bin on some stupid ish…..and got to meet alot of people inside…one thing i learned…is half the brothers in there are in on a domestic wether physical or a dispute they gettin locked up. Women know they power and abuse it and they aint scared to run to the police to get a dude locked up, wether he hit her or not…females are emotional and plot in the worst ways. Why im mentioning this…the media is telling me he raped over 25+ women with more and more coming out the woodwork 40 years ago and they all coming out now??? comeon…if this was true you would have records of tons of payoffs since he is rich and u know they would be suing…its all B.S..someone is out to get this guy and only reason he aint speaking out is maybe he is afraid of what could happen to him….

  12. I swear, if I didn’t have any morals I’d tell my wife to throw her hat in the ring and say Bill drugged her up, but we’ll settle out of court for a cool 500K. These women are looking for a buyout. Not saying Bill is completely innocent here, but c’mon! No way Bill’s been taking the panties since the 60’s and NO ONE has pressed charges. Something here just ain’t right.

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  14. If this don’t tell you Hollywood is the devils playground as soon as a powerful black entertainer tries to do something positive for his own people they get hit like this Michael Jackson happen the same way I bet you he dies within the next year

    ..So, you’re saying you did drugs and got your toes licked…at a whorehouse?
    Yes, you definitely deserve a MILLION $ for your troubles!


  16. They’re doing this shit on purpose because they still think that blacks are just gang bangers and ball players. If we all get outta that crab in a bucket mentality the man’ll be sorry he ever fucked with us.

    1. Word. Any common law movie or tv show tells you to dress down when appearing in public and not like the guilty party you may be.

      Thugs = no hoodies or sagging pants
      White collar criminals = less rich; no jewels, watches or designer suits
      Abusers = no tank top /”wife beaters”, get a clean shave
      Hoes = no see-through or form-fitting clothing, wear plain make-up (unlike this trick)

      Not saying Playboy bunnies are prostitutess or that this woman is a ho, but as Dave Chapelle said she’s defintely wearing the “ho’s costume”.

  17. Take me down to the $ettlement City
    Where ca$h is green and the hoe$ are ‘pretty’
    Oh won’t you pleeeze buy my hommme, yeah-yeeeeaaah…
    [shouts to GnR]

    This one case that I believe Cosby should take on and drag through the courts if he and his attorneys believe she and her attorneys are exaggerating and attempting to extort him.

    Let’s play Law & Order SVU / Michael Creighton: willing to bet this chick has a history of partying, drug use, promiscuity, photos scantily clad & nude, exes with axes to grind, bad memory, incriminating social media posts about debauched behavior, etc.

    If he fully took advantage than let the courts do their job. If she and her lawyers are trying to ca$h in & out, make them work hard as hell for those ends.

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