Bill Maher Blames Nick Cannon For Baby Formula Crisis In The United States

Bill Maher and Nick Cannon

Comedian Bill Maher accused Nick Cannon of being responsible for the shortage of baby formula in the United States. Read more!

It is not a secret that Nick Cannon has a lot of kids. The father of seven (and he has a baby on the way) had four babies in one year, 2021. 

So, it was only fitting that comedian Bill Maher included him in the most recent monologue on his HBO series, “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

The United States is currently in a baby formula crisis after major manufacturer Abbott, which made over 42% of all the product in the country, had to issue a recall due to contamination. 

Supply chain issues due to COVID have made the problem worse.  

“You know what we are out of in this country?” he asked his audience. “Baby formula.”

“Just when the Supreme Court comes up with a formula for more babies,” Bill Maher said after pulling parts of his monologue straight from recent headlines about the draft memo proposing to overturn the Roe vs Wade abortion law, which leaked from The Supreme Court.

“Ladies, you’re in America now. Not only do we make you carry the baby to term, now we’re gonna make you breastfeed the little thing.”

Maher continued. “Everybody wants to know, ‘Why are we out of the, you know, baby formula?'”

He answered himself, saying, “Well, few issues … Supply chain issues (which are real), contamination that happened in a couple of places (that’s real), and of course Nick Cannon!”

Nick Cannon might be one of the reasons for the shortage, but he doesn’t care. He loves being a dad.

The TV host is set to become a father for the eighth time. In March, Nick confirmed that he is expecting his 8th child, a baby boy, with model Bre Tiesi.

Cannon also shares 10-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, son Golden and daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell, and twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa.

“The beauty of fatherhood, when you really talk about living as a father, I’ve learned so much just from my children, and it’s so amazing. I really just love being around my kids,” he said in an interview according to People magazine. “That youthful energy, it feels like you get to relive every time. I think I’ve been through so much in my life physically, mentally, and spiritually, the best place that I find is the time that I spend with my kids and that energy. And to get as much of that as possible and to pass on all that I’ve lived into something else, that’s why I do it, man.”