Birdman Crashes Druski’s Instagram Live To Press Him For Using Young Money Imprint In Hilarious Exchange 


Birdman began trending on Twitter after pressing Druski over his ‘Coulda Been Records’ spoof label accusing him of ripping off CMB.

Viewers of Druski’s ‘Coulda Been Records’ Instagram Live were left baffled on Wednesday night (July 5), after Birdman pulled up to press the comedian over his satirical record label. 

Druski launched his spoof label back in 2019 as an anti-talent show. Since then, the show has taken off, with contestants auditioning to join him on his comedy tour. In his latest move, Druski is seeking talent to live in the Coulda Been House reality TV show.  

However, during his latest Instagram talent scouting session, Druski was joined by Birdman, who popped up with a “proposition” for the mock label-executive. 

“I been looking for you,” the Cash Money Records co-founder told the comic before explaining he heard that Druski has been working with NBA YoungBoy and Drake. 

“It’s like you starting to step on my toes,” Birdman continued as Druski watched, unsure how to respond. “You little young n##### got the game f##### up. I’m watching the s### you doing. What the f### is this record label you starting?” 

Druski told Birdman he wanted to call but wasn’t sure if he would answer. However, in a throwback to his viral Breakfast Club interview, Baby demanded, “Put some respect on my name.”  

He then got straight to the point with Druski. “You playing with that f###### record label. Coulda Been Records. That s### sounds like CMB,” he stated.  

Nonetheless, Birdman saw the potential in Druski and Coulda Been Records and wanted to offer him a deal.  

“I got a proposition for you,” he offered. “How about you keep running it and I buy your s### into my s### and we become one and I help you become a megastar.” 

Watch the video below to see Druski’s hilarious response.