Bishop Lamor Whitehead Challenges Uncle Murda To A Fight After Getting Mentioned In ‘Rap Up’

Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead

Will the rapper take him up on the challenge?

Bishop Lamor Whitehead, the controversial pastor, who was robbed during his service and then later arrested by the feds on fraud charges after church members alleged, he deceived them out of thousands of dollars.

Now, has called out Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda for including him in his annual “Rap Up 2022.” The flashy preacher wants to fight the rapper for saying he knew he was a crook.

In the rap song, he said, “Man n##### ran up in the church like it’s a stickup/ It was only 8 people in there when the robbed the bishop/When I heard about it real talk I burst out laughing/ God don’t like ugly that’s why he let that s### happen/ He was out here scamming people in the name of God/ Feds came and locked up him I know he was a fraud/ He be dressing like a rapper that s### ain’t even funny/ He be buying Louis and Gucci with them people money.”

Like he does most disputes, he took to his social media to call out the popular rapper.

Dressed in a brown and black Fendi hoody and a gawdy Fendi jacket, he addressed being mentioned in the song.

He said wants to settle their differences in a boxing ring.

Waiting to hear if Murda takes him up.