Blac Chyna Reclaims Her Real Name & Ditches Public Persona

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna discussed why she has ditched her famous alias in favor of her birth name.

Blac Chyna has opened up about her decision to revert back to her birth name Angela White.

The 34-year-old told her Instagram followers earlier this week that her “name is Angela,”.and in an interview with Forbes she explained why she is bringing her real name back.

“Well, it was given to me by birth, but mostly for me, it’s getting back to myself. Because you know being in the entertainment field everybody always calls me, ‘Hey Blac Chyna, Chyna, Chyna,’ nobody ever calls me Angela. So sometimes I would kind of like forget who I am, because it’s always about the brand, brand, brand but not the person,” she shared.

However, the model and TV personality noted that this isn’t the end of Blac Chyna as she will continue to use the moniker for her public persona.

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“I think now it’s more the separation of it. Like if I’m performing and things like that, that’s Blac Chyna. But if I’m home and I’m with the kids or if I’m doing my business stuff and I’m doing deals, that’s Angela,” the mother of two revealed.

“Like how we are sitting right here and having a conversation, this is Angela. Now if we go, and we gotta get glam, hair, nails, make-up, we got costumes, that’s definitely Blac Chyna.”

As part of her image transformation, Chyna recently underwent breast and butt reduction surgeries and is currently in the process of getting her facial fillers dissolved.

Reflecting on the public’s reaction, she said, “I didn’t even think it was going to be as big as it was… Everybody has been supporting it. So I’m like OK, this gives me the courage to keep going and see how far I can go. So it makes me feel really good. I’m glad I did do it.”

Chyna also revealed that she regularly attends church and was baptized on her birthday in May last year.

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