Blac Youngsta Loses Another Brother To Street Violence

This is the third brother the recording artist has lost to the streets.

Blac Youngsta is currently mourning as his younger brother was fatally shot in Memphis at a Valero BP gas station on the South Side.

Responding officers, according to sources, say the rapper’s brother was killed shot at approximately 9:30 am in the morning and died when emergency workers arrived at the scene but are tight-lipped about why he was shot and who he was shot by.

Witnesses say that he was killed by someone driving by in a passing vehicle.

S#### TV identified the brother as Tomanuel Benson.

This is the third brother the recording artist is going to lay to rest. His brother HeavyChampTD was also killed in 2019, UrbanIslandz reported.

Another brother died in 2016. He made a tribute on his page around that time, writing, “I miss you so much lil brother. I swear to god when you died, I thought about killing myself no lie.”

Adding, “Sometimes I just wish god would have took me and not you lil brother, I just wish we could trade places. My life will never be the same without you in this s***. Just don’t feel right.”

“I change my life around lil brother. I don’t rob or sell dope no more. I’m an importing person now I don’t work for food no more little brother. I work for myself and I got our other two baby brothers out (of) the streets, and grandma and mommy not struggling no more cause I’m rich now. Baby brother, you’ll never be forgotten. As long as I’m living, you living,” Youngsta wrote.

An outpouring of prayers have been offered for the rapper and his family.

One post summed everything up in a few words.

“BlacYoungsta’s 3 younger brothers have all passed away. What a sad situation,” one person wrote.