Black Doctors Check Busta Rhymes After Anti-Mask Rant Goes Viral

Busta Rhymes

A group of black doctors had some words for Busta Rhymes after the legendary rapper went on an anti-mask rain at one of his concerts!

After Busta Rhymes made a huge statement about COVID-19 earlier this summer in June, but somehow over the last few days the rant about his “civil liberties” and rights have gone viral.

Now a medical professional from the culture speaks out to give the “facts” about the various mandates and vaccine options.

In the video that was originally uploaded on June 20, 2021, Busta shares how relieved he is to be in front of human life.

The “Pass the Courvoisier” rapper said, “It’s called the God-given right of freedom, right? No human being is supposed to tell you that you can’t even breathe freely. F*** your mask… some of y’all might feel differently, but f*** your mask.”

Media influencer and news broadcaster, Roland Martin hosted a few Black doctors on his “Roland Martin Unfiltered” show to clarify if there was any weight to the chart-topping rapper’s claims.

Dr. Kristy McDowell said on August 24th’s episode of “Roland Martin Unfiltered” the following, “It angers me, and it vexes my soul when I hear entertainers and other people who have mass followings say ignorant things such as Busta Rhymes. I was telling my students today about wearing a mask and getting vaccinated.”

“If you don’t get the vaccine you are gambling with your life,” she added.

“It’s one thing to do stupid things that put your own life at risk,” another doctor named Dr. Joseph Graves, Jr. shared. “It’s an entirely other thing when you take a public platform, and you use your celebrity to get up there to tell other people that it’s OK in the middle of the deadliest pandemic since 1918. Those people who die because they listened to a video.”

Fans started to take to social media to check Busta!

“When Andrew Caldwell is making more sense than Busta Rhymes these days…”

“A throat doctor later discovered that there were polyps in his throat, restricting 90% of his breathing and he had to have emergency surgery.”<- You’d think Busta Rhymes would be more concerned about a virus that attacks your respiratory system given his history. Dumb ass”

“Confirmed: Busta Rhymes is better when he’s rapping too fast for us to really understand what he’s saying.”

“Busta Rhymes: “F*** your mask” Black Twitter: ”

“Very disappointing to see Busta Rhymes going on a rant against masks and COVID safety protocols”