Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Says He Can Put Puma’s Chicken Wing Drop Aside To Make Up


(AllHipHop News) VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” is set to return for its fifth season next week, and this season focuses on new friendships, businesses and even a new Ceaser?

During a recent sit down with, the Black Ink boss explained that he was turning over a new leaf, especially when it came to beefing.

In season 3, Ceasar infamously feuded with former employee, Puma. The beef turned physical, after Puma dropped a half eaten chicken wing on the floor of the Black Ink Tattoo Studio in Harlem.

Their feud was a central storyline for season 3 and 4.

However, season 5, which will debut this Wednesday (January 18) with a two-hour premiere, showcases the opening of the new “Black Ink” shop on 125th street in Harlem and the trials and tribulations of running the new shop.

“With Puma now, I’m proud of him. Yeah, we went through our bulls##t, but as a man, what you’re doing on your own, I’m proud of you bro’,” Ceasar told in an exclusive Q&A.

“Even though you have malice toward me and you have hatred, I don’t have that,” he continued. “He don’t remember that we know each other. I know what you been through, just like you know what I been through. You might sit there and say, “f##k Ceas.” I’m not saying that. I still got love for you, homey.

According to Ceaser, he was, and still remains open to reconciliation with Puma, especially since they’re both experiencing unprecedented success with their tattoo shops.

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