Blueface Apologizes To Woman Caught Up In Chain-Snatcher’s Beat Down

Blueface’s gang launched a vicious assault on a man who tried to steal the rap star’s valuable necklace during a show.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Blueface as involved in some drama during a performance over the weekend.

The rap star was doing the show at the Blue Moon Hookah Lounge in Los Angeles when some overzealous dudes in the crowd attempted to snatch his chain.

The result was all-out chaos, as Blueface’s entourage beat the hell out of the guy who was trying to make off with his necklace.

Footage of the event shows Blueface’s crew stomping out the guy in the middle of the show.

Unfortunately, a woman who wasn’t involved in the attempted robbery was caught in the middle of the mele.

Blueface issued an apology to the unidentified woman after footage of the fight hit the internet.

According to reports, the guy who was stomped on suffered a few broken ribs and was sent to a local hospital for treatment.