Blueface Goes To Sleep With Chrisean Rock “Worried And Shaking;” Couple Vows To End Domestic Violence


Rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock are making a promise to stop the domestic violence in their relationship

The Bonnie and Clyde of Hip-Hop, causing chaos whenever you see them out, rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock promise to stop the domestic violence in their relationship.

According to an interview the couple conducted with TMZ, we won’t get any more late-night, alcohol-induced celebrity boxing matches from the two.

They were in’s headlines last week after Chrisean Rock punched the “Thotiana” rapper in the face. The girl was arrested for assault, but based on their Monday interview, that’s all in the past.

When asked what has she learned after this recent ordeal, Chrisean shared that she learned “not to hit him in public.”

She said what she will do in private is “f##k” him more, vowing to make love, not war.

The couple said they are addressing their dysfunction, mostly because she doesn’t want to go to jail anymore.

Blueface and Chrisean said they would work on themselves privately but not get professional help from a therapist or counselor.

With a smile, despite them saying they are “good now,” Blueface said he goes to sleep at night “worried” and “shaking.”

Chrisean Rock explained that physical violence would not happen again, claiming that if she gets angry, she will leave him instead.