Blueface Pleads For Gay/Bisexual Men To Stop Sending Him Nude Pics


The controversial reality show star questions if he is being sexually harassed.

Rapper-turned-internet personality Blueface has made some comments that had people questioning his sexuality. However, the “Thotiana” performer wants the world to know he is not attracted to men.

“My hands [are] bisexual for anybody who feel a typa way get up with me,” tweeted Blueface on March 16. Apparently, that post about being willing to fight men and women led to some lustful direct messages.

Blueface returned to Twitter to plead for male members of the LGBTQ community to stop sharing unsolicited nude photos with him. The 26-year-old reality show star kept the request mostly light-hearted.

“Ever since I tweeted my hands [are] bisexual it’s been a lot of LGBTQ s### going on in my DM. That’s not what I meant, cuz 😂🙅🏽‍♂️,” wrote Blueface on Monday afternoon.

He added, “Please stop sending me gay s###. I respect the LGBTQ community, y’all went from a minority to majority, that’s a hell of [an] accomplishment. [You’re] welcome to love [whoever] you want, but don’t bring [that] over here please, respectfully.”

Was Blueface Sexually Harassed?

Blueface went on to describe some of the pornographic pictures that arrived in his DMs. In particular, the Cash Money Records affiliate discussed one image that had him questioning if the person possibly sexually harassed him.

“I go to click on a picture in my DM [and] you know how on Twitter it [doesn’t] show you the picture till you click on it… It’s a whole n#### on there spreading his ass open, cuz. Like [what the f###] is this. That’s sexual harassment. I ain’t sign up for this. You can’t even dm me on here no more,” tweeted Blueface.

The part-time amateur boxer has been dating his Crazy in Love co-star Chrisean Rock. That toxic on-again, off-again relationship included Rock once publicly asking Blueface if he had sex with a male little person.

Blueface also mockingly asked Chrisean Rock if Lil Baby wants to have sex with him as a response to Rock having a conversation with the Atlanta-bred rapper. Supposedly, Rock is currently pregnant with Blueface’s child.