Blueface’s Lawyer Says He’s Been ‘Overcharged’ In Recent Case


The artist, while is released on bail, is instructed not to talk to press about case.

Lawyers say that authorities were too harsh when they charge rapper Blueface with attempted murder.

According to the Review-Journal, the “Thotiana” chart-topper’s legal team argues their client has been overcharged.

As reported by, on Tuesday, Nov. 15, Blueface, whose legal name is Johnathan Porter, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and firing a gun at an occupied vehicle during an Oct. 8 incident outside of the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club at 6370 Windy Lane in Las Vegas, NV.

But as more information is being revealed the lawyers are attempting to make the case that authorities are blowing his charges out of proportion.

Lawyer Lisa Rasmussen, who is representing the rapper along with attorneys Kristina Wildeveld and Caitlyn McAmis, said,

“From first glance, it appears that the charges are overcharged.”

The attorney also declined to elaborate on why she believes the Cash Money West artist is being overcharged and what the charges she objects to are. Lastly, she instructed her client to not talk to the press about the case.

There is an alleged video of the shooting circulating. The lawyer has declined to give her opinions on it, saying she has not received a copy of the footage in discovery.

However, she does believe the evidence, once it comes out, will show her client’s charges have been inflated.

“The other thing I’d like to say is that we’re really looking forward to litigating this matter in court on behalf of our client and we think that when all of the evidence comes out in court, it will be apparent that the way he’s charged is not necessarily consistent with what appears to have actually happened,” Rasmussen remarked.

Blueface is currently out on bail, reports, and will return to court next year on Jan. 24.