Music & Arts Communities Rally Behind New Grant Program For Creatives

Prophet of BMAC

Get the latest on the CREATE Art Act and its mission to promote equity and diversity in the arts and how BMAC is championing the effort.

A new legislative effort aims to significantly support creatives in their pursuit of a sustainable career in the arts.

The initiative was announced during the unveiling of Congressman Maxwell Frost’s CREATE Art Act in Washington D.C..

The CREATE Art Act proposes establishing new grant programs to aid artists in covering costs related to their craft, a move that has garnered backing from BMAC and various other esteemed organizations.

The Act, brought forth by Congressman Frost alongside Congress members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greg Casar, and Dan Kildee, aims to foster equity, diversity, and opportunity within the arts community.

It has attracted a strong support network, including endorsements from the Recording Academy, the American Association of Independent Music, the National Independent Venues Association, and many others.

Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, Co-Founder/CEO/President of the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC), delivered compelling remarks about the importance of supporting and investing in the creative community.

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Highlighting the pivotal role of artists in society, Stiggers emphasized the need for greater support.

“Artists write the soundtracks to our lives. They score the moments that define who we are,” Stiggers said.

He further addressed the dilemma faced by many creatives, stressing that the phrases “starving” and “artist” should never be synonymous.

Echoing Stiggers’ sentiments, SONA’s Executive Director, Erin McAnally praised the CREATE Art Act for recognizing the invaluable contribution of songwriters and creators to daily life and the economy.

“This Act has the power to create opportunities for burgeoning songwriters and ensure that working songwriters can continue to create.”

In addition to endorsing the CREATE Art Act, BMAC continues to champion economic empowerment for artists through initiatives such as the BMAC x ACM OnRamp Guaranteed Income Program, aimed at supporting Black emerging artists and music industry professionals.

The CREATE Art Act represents a significant step toward creating a level playing field for creators in the U.S., aligning with BMAC’s mission to foster access, equity, and opportunity within the music industry.

For additional details on the proposed legislation, visit Congressman Frost’s official website.