Photo Of Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead Has Reportedly Been Sold To Tabloid


Bobbi Kristina Brown may be at peace but the drama in her family remains. According to reports, a family member has sold a picture of the 22-year-old lying in her coffin to a tabloid for $100,000. The photo was reportedly taken at her viewing last Friday (Jul. 31). The name of tabloid has not been revealed nor has which family member it was. Brown was laid to rest on Aug. 1st in Alpharetta, GA at the St. James United Methodist Church.

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In July, there were reports of an extended family member trying to sell a picture of Brown in her bed at the hospice facility. The unidentified relative tried to sell the picture to TMZ, but they passed on it. That person was trying to sell the hospice photo for $100,000 as well.