Bobby Shmurda's Lawyer Questions Credibility Of Involved NYPD Detectives


 Ackquille “Bobby Shmurda” Pollard returned to court earlier today. The Brooklyn-bred rapper along with other men from the GS9 crew face charges in association with weapons violations and murder. Alex Spiro, is currently serving as counsel for Pollard, who is still imprisoned on a $2 M bail.

Judge Abraham Clott has been assigned to oversee the case which is set for trial on Feb. 22. At today’s pre-trial hearing Spiro cited “credibility issues,” from the two detectives involved. He requested that the documents from the Special Narcotics Prosecutors’ office be used in the upcoming trial, this reported by Billboard.

Over the past two years, those detectives have been accused of making false arrests and violating the Fourth Amendment. That law helps to protect people from unfounded search and seizure. In addition to those claims, those same detectives have also been accused of regularly planting evidence. This is why Spiro desires to introduce those documents from the Special Narcotics Prosecutors’ office.

On multiple occasions Bobby Shmurda is said to have been unlawfully harassed by those particular detectives. Proceeding Bobby’s last arrest, his lawyer contends that Bobby was stopped and frisked several times. So now, Spiro wants each of those interactions to be included in this particular case. He says, “”that lack of evidence is itself evidence.”

To strengthen his point, Spiro also brought up that the prosecution dismissed evidence in the original indictment. It purported that Shmurda possessed cocaine on Dec. 8, 2013. According to Spiro, without that included information, the case is solely built upon Rikers Island phone calls with people discussing Bobby Shmurda. Beyond the phone calls that the prosecution has requested, Spiro wants to ensure that all phone calls from Rikers island will be available for use in the case.

Will Bobby beat this case?