Bobby Shmurda Delivers Message To 50 Cent From Jail (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Last week incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda called into Hot 97 to talk about his current legal situation. The phone call was abruptly cut short, and the Brooklyn native did not get to relay everything he wanted to the station’s audience. Turns out the call was not cut off by the jail’s authorities like previously suspected, and Shmurda was able to speak with Ebro In The Morning again today.

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For the latest conversation, fellow GS9 crew member Rowdy Rebel was also on the line. Rowdy explained the conflict over Epic Records not providing bail money was really centered around an issue from the label’s parent company Sony. He and Shmurda also denied Bobby’s supposed uncle Debo Wilson offered to help them get out on bail.

“That n***a’s not even my real uncle,” said Shmurda. “That’s the n***a that’s always trying to rob me of some s**t. That’s a lying as n***a.”

Wilson was part of Shmurda’s original management team but has since become estranged from the rapper. The “Hot N***a” performer revealed he is looking for new representation and wants another New York City rapper to join his team.

“I’ve been trying to get in contact with 50 for the longest for some management,” Bobby stated.

Shmurda later added he feels racism has played a part in the police targeting him. When asked if anything he has done contributed to him being locked up, Smurda replied, “Nothing, except say hi and bye to people. Probably take a couple of pictures with people. That’s it.

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Listen to Bobby Shmurda’s interview below.