Boi-1da Calls Tory Lanez A “Troll” And “Drake Stan”


(AllHipHop News) Tory Lanez has not been shy about sharing his views toward Drake.

Over the last few years, Lanez has taken numerous shots at his fellow Toronto representative.

Drake even fired back on “Summer Sixteen.”

The competition heated up again when Lanez released his own version of the Dancehall-esque “Controlla”.

Drake’s longtime production partner Boi-1da also jumped into the fray by dissing Tory on Twitter.

“One dude is selling out Madison Square Garden 4 nights, and the other dude trolling for attention & record sales. There’s levels to this,” wrote 1da in an August ’16 tweet.

In a recent interview with the Motel City Podcast, the award-winning producer discussed another Drake-defending tweet he posted that Lanez apparently took offense to.

“I tweeted out, ‘If I hear one more wack ass Dancehall song…” said 1da. “Tory Lanez responded. He’s another one, but I wasn’t necessarily talking about him. But if the shoe fits, then wear it.”

He continued, “I just think that dude’s corny as hell. He’s a troll. So I just troll him back… I have nothing against the guy, but we all know you’re a Drake Stan… We know you look up to Drake. We know you have Drake pajamas.”

Boi-1da later added he believes Lanez is talented but lacks his own sound.

“Figure it out bro. Don’t come at Drake. Drake put the whole city on,” declared the Jamaican-born Canadian.