Boldy James [BGA] Considers His Detroit Upbringing and Working with The Alchemist


(AllHipHop News) Detroit rapper Boldy James’ recent rise to notoriety across the Internet and in the streets of Detroit was reason enough for to find out more.

The newly-crowned Breeding Ground Artist, who is the cousin of Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids, spoke about growing up in the rough neighborhoods of Detroit, and how he managed to survive. According to Boldy, his raps are based on real life, documented experiences from his struggle to survive on the streets.

“I’m from Detroit, and a lot of sh*t goes on around here. Sh*t, just growing up around this maf*cka, just off bill, you see things and you wonder about things, and before you know it, you dibblin’ and dabblin’ in a whole bunch of bullsh*t that you don’t know why you in. You know what I’m saying? You look up, and this sh*t just became your life, and you get consumed and caught up and look up, and now you going with the trials and tribs that come with the bullsh*t,” Boldy James explained to in an exclusive interview.

“I always just took time in between the door knocks and the bull sh*t and the trap when I was trying to get a couple of dollars. I would take time to write in my journal on some ‘Dear Diary’ sh*t.   I just try to capture the feel and the emotion of everything that’s going down at the moment or that went down,” Boldy said.

Boldy James has told the stories of his life on tracks not only produced by his cousin Chuck Inglish, but most recently with famed producer, The Alchemist, in Los Angeles.

“I was with Alchemist for like a month, man, f*ckin’ around in the studio and just trying to make something work and doing what’s natural,” he said. “And Al got my particular style of beats anyway, and anything that he played, the sh*t that he made me was limited, and everything that you will hear, that’s all we did. We didn’t do no extra sh*t and have to pick from it or none of that. We just gonna give it to you the same way we cooked it up.”

Boldy James’ first mixtape, Trappers Alley, is available for listening on, and his newest project Consignment: Favor for a Favor, The Redi-Rock Mixtape is also available on the site for download as well.

His verses can also be found on Alchemist’s newest project called Russian Roulette, releasing  on June 26. The project features songs created from Russian samples, and features a host of Hip-Hop artists, including, but not limited to: Evidence, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Danny Brown, and Schoolboy Q.

Boldy James’ full interview with will run tomorrow, as we welcome him to the Breeding Ground.