Boosie Afterparty Ends After Man Shot Multiple Times


The shooting left a man in critical condition following Boosie’s afterparty at the Euphoria Nightclub in Baltimore on Monday.

Boosie is back in the headlines again, this time following a reported shooting at his afterparty in Baltimore. Mere days after having his “Legendz of the Street” concert shut down a man reports are emerging of an incident where a man was shot multiple times.

The “Set It Off” rapper was unable to perform at his scheduled show or other venues in Baltimore and Greensboro, N.C, because of the reputation he’s garnering for attracting trouble wherever he goes.  

However, Boosie still wanted to attend the post-show celebrations during “Championship Sundays” at the Euphoria Nightclub, which is where, according to local news reports, the shooting took place in the early hours of Monday morning (October 4.) 

Law enforcement says the shooting began around 1:38 a.m. local time after a fight broke out inside the club. Police patrolling the local area heard the gunfire and soon located a bullet-ridden vehicle with a shattered window.  

An unidentified man checked into a local hospital suffering several gunshot wounds. According to reports, the victim was shot in the head and upper body and is currently in critical condition.  No reports have been made of Boosie being involved.

The news comes after the Baton Rouge, Louisiana native claimed he was banned from performing by “Legendz of the Street” tour promoters following an onstage brawl involving the rapper himself at the State Farm Arena, ATL on Friday (1 October.)  

According to Boosie, fans who wanted to see him on the tour are having problems arranging refunds. He took to Twitter to shout, “THIS IS THE MOVE THEY PULLING OFF ON THE TOUR SO U CANT GET REFUNDS, READ IT CLEAR LOL LIKE PEOPLE GO READ A SIDE DOOR LOL S### OUT TO ALL MY BALTIMORE FANS. LOVE YALL” 

Boosie has had some very public disputes with Instagram over the social media giant shutting down his account for continued rule violations. Today, at Instagram’s darkest hour, Boosie took to Twitter for a spot of trolling.