Breakdancing Legend Crazy Legs Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations In Petition; Participation In 2024 Olympics In Question

Crazy Legs

Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon has come forward to deny allegations he has sexually abused women!

Just one week ago, Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon was celebrating a major victory for Hip-Hop culture, when it was announced that breakdancing would be added to the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The President and co-founder of the legendary Rock Steady Crew went on a press run to celebrate the victory for breakdancing culture, which will be part of the 2024 Paris games.

But Crazy Legs’ hopes to have a seat at the table could be jeopardized, now that allegations of sexual harassment have surfaced against the pioneering B-Boy.

Earlier this week, a anonymous petition was started and sent to the International Olympic Committee, over claims Crazy Legs is a “proven sexual predator” who allegedly sent inappropriate, explicit pictures of himself to various women online.

“With the power of the internet it has come to the attention of the Bboy/Bgirl community that founder of Rock Steady Crew Richard Colón (a.k.a. Crazy Legs) has been using his power of influence to sexually harass women. Not only so, this behavior has gone on for a long time without being checked,” the petition reads.

Crazy Legs took to his Instagram account, to apologize for his “disrespect of women,” and admitted depression was at the root of his “issues,” but he vehemently denied ever abusing women. He did however admit to disrespecting his girlfriend by having inappropriate conversations with various women online.

“Anonymous accusations have been made online about me behaving abusively. These are completely untrue,” Crazy Legs said in a post.

“What is true is that I had online conversations – of which I am deeply ashamed – outside of my relationship with my long-time girlfriend,” Crazy Legs wrote. “She means the world to me so I shared this with her and I also posted that I have shown disrespect to women.”

“All of us choose what to believe and what not to believe. To my many valued friends and the community, I just ask you to hear my ashamed, entirely open, and humbled voice,” Crazy Legs added.

In a post yesterday, (December 18th), Crazy Legs said he was suffering from depression.

“What I’m going through is necessary and good for me. I have refused to be honest with myself for too long. I haven’t admitted or discuss with people around me the things that lead me into depression. I’ve always thought the symptoms were the problem, when it was me not wanting to admit that I was in a deep depression and had a fear of looking weak by sharing it with others who would be supportive and helpful,” Crazy Legs said. “These issues have also lead me in a direction of hurting and letting people down.”

The anonymous creators of the petition respected Crazy Legs’ bout with depression but said that did not excuse him from being held accountable for sending pictures of his genitals to women online.

“Richard has made a statement claiming he is glad he was caught, and states the cause of his behavior is due to depression,” the petition states. “Depression has no medical evidence to cause you to send pictures of your genitals to women. Evidence shows a lack of motivation to do things, even sexually related.”

Take a look at his full post from yesterday: