BREAKING NEWS: Ferguson Protesters Allege Police Harassment, Brutality


(AllHipHop News) A lot has been going on in Ferguson, even though the mainstream news has not continued the all-out coverage of August and early September.

According to sources with AllHipHop, members of the youth collective Lost Voices have been arrested and accosted by police for protesting the burning of a memorial for Mike Brown, the youth slain by a Ferguson police officer. The memorial was set up near the place of Brown’s death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson, who still is on paid leave.

The Lost Voices have been sleeping in the vicinity of where the unarmed Mike Brown was killed to protest the killing, which many claim was a cold-blooded execution. The group, which has members in their mid-teens, have been steadfastly protesting police brutality. Some members have previously been charged with minor infractions like “manner of walking.”

Dasha Jones, a female in the Lost Voices, and Abby Bobé of #HandsUpUnited were apprehended by police.

Witnesses on the scene claim excessive force was used.

“The police came in with flatbed trucks.  The highway patrol came and blocked one off the entrances and then they told them they had to move in 10 minutes. Immediately, they put handcuffs on Dash’s hands and feet. She told them to wait a minute so they could get her things and they arrested her -straight like that. And Abby from #HandsUpUnited just said ‘What’s going on?’ and they arrested her.”

Witnesses with AllHipHop maintained that they saw police choke Dasha Jones. The police force reportedly included Highway Patrol from Ferguson and the St. Louis County police.

Another witness said this is a “Black people round up” and alleged that other members or affiliates of the Lost Voices collective were being round up in the Ferguson or St. Louis area.

AllHipHop will continue to give rolling updates on this matter as they unfurl.

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