Brent Faiyaz Calls Genres “Primitive” A Day After Diddy Claimed R&B Is Dead

Brent Faiyaz And Diddy

Platinum-selling singer Brent Faiyaz said genres don’t matter anymore, calling it a “primitive” way to think about music.

Diddy sparked a debate about the state of R&B, but Brent Faiyaz thinks artists are beyond the concept of genres.

A day after Diddy claimed R&B is dead, Brent Faiyaz shared his thoughts on music genres in general. The platinum-selling singer suggested artists don’t even think about genre distinctions.

“Don’t nobody care about music genres anymore, dat s### primitive,” he wrote on Twitter. “sauce dat s### up & let it fly.”

Brent Faiyaz followed up by responding a Twitter user who mocked his opinion. He tried to explain why he felt music genres are irrelevant to artists.

“Lol man It’s really hard 2 explain this 2 music lovers who don’t create, but the properties that differentiate genres b damn near insignificant 2 us after a while,” he wrote. “U spend enough time in the studio & they just become notes.”

Brent Faiyaz dismissed genres on the heels of a social media firestorm caused by Diddy. The Bad Boy Records founder faced criticism after asking, “Who killed R&B?” on Twitter.

Diddy declared R&B is dead in an Instagram Live conversation with Timbaland. The Hip Hop mogul also discussed his thoughts on R&B with Mary J. Blige, who disagreed with her longtime collaborator.

“You can’t kill something that’s in our DNA,” she told Diddy. “It’s gonna keep transitioning from generation to generation to generation to generation.