Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner has pleaded guilty in a Russian courtroom. Now, the calls for her release are intensified as she look at 10 years in a foreign prison.

Brittney Griner, the two-time US Olympic gold medalist, has pleaded guilty to drug charges inside of a Russian courtroom.

The basketball star now faces 10 years in prison for the conviction. She left the court room after pleading guilty, without saying a word to reporters, according to CNN.

Griner was arrested and charged last February after Russian authorities found cannabis oil in her luggage. She typically plays basketball in the off-season when the WNBA is not playing. Some regard her as the “LeBron James of the WNBA.”

Griner has been the topic of much discussion, and those that support her have pleaded for her release. Many feel she is presently being used as political leverage against the United States and Joe Biden by the Russians, particularly in their positioning in the war.

Others have noted that Russians officials may try to trade Griner for accused Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, named the “Merchant of Death.” Bout maintains his innocence to this day. He is set to be released in roughly 5 years.

A rep for Biden has reportedly said he is “doing everything possible” to bring Griner home.

Griner’s wife was wrought with emotions in a press conference.

“I’m frustrated that 140 days have passed since my wife has been able to speak to me, to our family and to our friends, ” Cherelle Griner said from the Griner’s home of Houston. “I’m frustrated that my wife is not going to get justice.”