Bryson Tiller Launches Billboard Campaign To Demand Justice For Breonna Taylor

Bryson Tiller

Bryson decided to scrap the ads for his new album so he could deliver a call for justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor.

Bryson Tiller is demanding justice for Breonna Taylor with billboards around his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

While Bryson had originally intended to use the billboards to promote his new album Anniversary, he decided to use them to pay tribute to Breonna just days after a grand jury decided not to charge a single police officer in direct connection to the 26-year-old EMT’s killing.

“Dear Breonna Taylor, you’ve brought the city of Louisville together like I’ve never seen before and we will never forget you… -Bryson Tiller,” one of the billboards reads, alongside hashtags including “#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor” and “#SayHerName”.

The ad campaign comes after Tiller reflected on the grand jury decision in a post on Twitter last week, recalling the amount of racism he himself had experienced while growing up in Kentucky.

“Been doing a lot of thinking about what’s going on in my hometown right now. The blatant racism that I’ve dealt with growing up in Kentucky, whether it was at Church Camp or School or just walking down the street and hearing people drive by and yell out racial slurs, i know exactly how it feels,” he wrote, while also sharing a picture of a painting of Taylor. 


“A lot of us feel like we lost a sister and many of us feel like it was because of racism. And then you have the people who are condemning others based on how they feel which… doesn’t feel right at all. Truth is, all we wanted to see was the right thing be done and here we are feeling wronged once again. We love you Breonna. You brought the city together like i’ve never seen before. Rest easy Queen we will NEVER forget you & will continue to fight for you!”