Bubba Wallace Gets Support From NASCAR; Speaks On Noose Incident

Bubba Wallace is denying some fans’ claims that he pulled a “Jussie Smollet” after a noose was found in his stall.

(AllHipHop News) On the Sunday before the race, NASCAR reps found a noose in Wallace’s garage stall.

The noose has a historic connotation as it is directly linked to a century of domestic terrorism perpetrated against Black people in the country.

It is the tool used to lynch men and women of color. Because of the threat, the FBI has been called in to launch an investigation.

“The news has disturbed us all and of course we want justice and know who and why,” said seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson. “And we want to stand with our friend.”

In response to the incident, Wallace released a statement calling it “despicable” and “reprehensible.”

“Today’s despicable act of racism and hatred leaves me incredibly saddened and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism,” Wallace said. “Nothing is more important and we will not be deterred by the reprehensible actions of those who seek to spread hate.”

NASCAR made sure that Wallace’s car was checked just in case someone tampered with it.

On Monday, before the game … with all of the drama going on around race and his presence … the star might have felt defeated.

With the noose fresh in mind, people rented planes and flew the confederate flag over the race. Fans tailgated outside with the flag drape in adornment.

But his colleagues refused to let that get to their guy.

The drivers and their respective crews gathered around Wallace’s No. 43 car and pushed the vehicle all the way down to the starting line. The masses showed love by greeting him with hugs and high-fives so that he knows that he is not alone.

So overwhelmed, he was seen crying. Though he is the only Black on his level in NASCAR, he is not alone.