Reggae Icon Buju Banton Launches Sustainable Chicken Business To Help At Risk-Youth

Buju Banton

Yeezy is helping Buju Banton uplift the community in Jamaica through his support of the reggae icon’s philanthropic endeavors on the island.

Buju Banton is amazing. There someone said it.

And the dancehall king is not just amazing because of his music and his “g” status in the game. He is amazing because he has found a way to utilize his celebrity to give back to the people that made him who he is.

Over the last two years since being released from prison, he has woven into the fabric of his West Indian community ribbons of charity and philanthropic goodwill.

With his head down and very little media attention, he has dedicated his time and resources to making the world a better place.

Last year, the International Reggae And World Music Awards (IRAWMA) awarded him the Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award for his investment in the lives of at-risk boys on the island of Jamaica.

This year, with the global pandemic, he has upped his ante and put even more money into programs that ensure the success of young brothers who many in the country gave upon. He partnered with the Sunbeam Children’s Home, Mount Olivet Boy’s Home, and Denham Town High School to make sure that those institutions can meet their missions.

2020 also saw the launch of the Murdine Clarke Scholarship. He also gifted assorted footwear, money, and food to those in need. He also shook the building putting up a three million dollar cash prize at the Song Festival Competition. But one of the things that he and his Buju Banton Foundation is most proud of is his work creating a chicken layer business.

A press release detailed the power of the business saying, “A poultry and egg production venture, that upon completion, should provide a sustainable income stream for the childcare facility and employable skills forwards. The layers project will provide training in sound work ethics for all fifty (50) boys. Additionally, it will serve as a temporary means of voluntary employment for those unable to attend school, for any period.”

Buju, when speaking about his work, said, “There are many youths who are in need of a helping hand. Together we can make their lives so much better.”

“I love to see brothers and sisters looking out for one another,” he continued. “That’s the way it should be. Not contrary.”

This kind of work is expensive, thus the “Til Shiloh” singer has reached out to his celebrity friends to donate to the enterprise that includes adopting the school and training the boys. 2020 Presidential candidate Kanye West contributed fifty laptops, one for each boy at Sunbeam Children’s Home and ten desktop computers and chairs for Mount Olivet Boy’s Home.

Both organizations released statements thanking Buju and West for their giving natures.

There is more to come from the Buju Banton Foundation, and we can’t wait to see the extraordinary ways they support the youth.