Bun B Shares Video Of White Woman Calling His Wife Racist Slurs

While the couple was in a parking lot of a restaurant a white woman who was sitting in her car Bun’s wife a “stupid n***er” and threatened to shoot her!

(AllHipHop News) Bun B’s wife, Angela “Queenie” Walls was involved in a crazy encounter, when an angry white woman spazzed out and used curse words that depending on where you, are might get you two-pieced.

The entire altercation was caught on video, and recorded by her husband Bun B.

While the couple was in a parking lot of a Whataburger in Missouri, a white woman who was sitting in her car called Mrs. Bun B a “stupid n##ger” and threatened to shoot her.

Bun B instinctively pulled out his phone and started to film the lady on his Insta Live.

The police were alerted and you can hear the UGK emcee describing the incident as follows:

“So the [drive-thru] line extended out into the street; she pulled up and was blowing [her horn] at us to move,” Bun B said. “We told her to wait, we’re not moving yet. She told my wife she was gonna threaten to shoot my wife, then she got out of the car and called my wife ‘a stupid n##ger.’ I have everything on video.”

As luck would have, the couple later bumped into the bigoted white woman at a nearby market.

Our girl Queenie could have got her entire “Sharkeisha” on but chilled and asked her: “You don’t remember me? I’m still that n##ga?” Queenie asked the white woman. “Am I still that n##ga? I’m not? You sure? Because we can take it outside right now.”

Thankfully for the woman, things ended peacefully.