Burglar Who Stole $3 Million Worth of Jewelry Mistakenly Allowed On Bus By Driver


(AllHipHop News) Recent news indicates that the alleged theif of $3M worth of jewelry on Drake’s tour bus September 6, was allowed to enter the vehicle by the driver due to mistaken identity.

TMZ reports that the bus driver revealed in court documents that he believed the suspect, Travion King, 21,was a member of Drake’s entourage because he didn’t ask for permission to board the vehicle.

The theft is believed to have occurred around 11:15 p.m., as the driver had left the doors unlocked because he remained on the bus.

Also, security camera footage captured King walking towards the bus without a briefcase and then exiting the vehicle two minutes later with the briefcase containing $3M worth of jewelry in hand.

A few hours after the recorded incident, King was charged with trespassing for sneaking into an Arizona State University female’s dorm room.

When law enforcement arrived in response to King’s trespassing the suspect was discovered with the briefcase from the bus and charged with felony burglary.