Bushwick Bill Of The Geto Boys Working On Documentary

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Bushwick Bill of The Geto Boys is in the process of creating a documentary about his life and he is asking for help from the Hip-Hop community.

“Bushwick Bill: A Geto Boy – A Documentary Film” will be “Chronicling the life of the gangsta rapper who happens to be a charming, hysterical one-eyed dwarf,” according to a statement. Bushwick was on of the various incarnations of the Geto Boys, but certainly one of the most visible.

Now, the OG rapper has set up a crowd funding site to help raise dollars to create the movie.

The film maker further made their case:

“For the past 3 years, we have been filming and documenting the life of the infamous Richard Shaw, AKA Bushwick Bill, original member of the Geto Boys and all around fascinating presence and one of the most unique entertainers ever.  Our desire to do a documentary on Bill has been one that stretches over a decade long.  It finally became a reality a few years ago when we were able to track Bill down in Austin, Texas.  A bit of a rolling stone, Bill may jump from town to town, but one thing is certain, no matter where he lands, people always recognize him. He is undoubtedly a hardcore rap legend. He has the stories to back it up.  He has rapped lyrics that command it.   And he literally has the scars to prove it.”

At present day, the film has raised $13,122 of the $50k goal with fans continuing to add on.

Check out a preview of the film below.