C-Murder Debuts “Dear Supreme Court” Video, Presidential Pardon Being Discussed?


(AllHipHop News) Imprisoned rapper C-Murder continues to make a case for his innocence with new visuals that just dropped for his latest song “Dear Supreme Court,” taken off his upcoming album Penitentiary Chances.

The new video and album from C-Murder are the latest in a string of releases from the rapper, who is serving a life sentence at Angola for allegedly shooting and killing a 16-year-old named Steve Thomas, in a now-defunct Jefferson Parish nightclub in 2002.

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, was found guilty of the crime by a jury in 2003. The verdict set off a lengthy legal battle over the credibility of the testimony presented against Miller, after it was revealed prosecutors had expunged the criminal records of their witnesses to help their case.

That led to a re-trial in 2007, but once again a jury convicted the rapper, issued an automatic life sentence and shipped him off to Angola. Since then, two appeals have been denied and the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld C-Murder’s conviction.

But the case took another turn when two jurors admitted they was pressured to vote guilty. And then former San Antonio Spurs player Tim Bush claimed he was there the night of the shooting and witnessed another man murder Thomas, but he never spoke to the police about it.

Bush said he decided to come forward out of guilt, since C-Murder is serving life.

C-Murder's "Dear Supreme Court"

Even though the rapper is being housed at Camp J in Angola, which is the prison’s most restrictive unit, he has high hopes that one day he will see his freedom.  A source told AllHipHop.com that no less than President Barack Obama is taking a look into the case.

In the meantime, C-Murder will continue to use AllHipHop.com to offer more exclusive details about the status of his case, in addition to premiering more material from his Penitentiary Chances album.

The album is executive produced by Manuel “M.O.” Ortiz and C-Murder’s daughter, Chelsea Miller. Penitentiary Chances is due in stores this April and features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, BoosieBadazz, Calliope Bub and verses from Soulja Slim’s son, Lil Soulja Slim.

Here are some shoutouts from C-Murder:

“I would like to thank Ira Sandles with Streetbred Clothing, Hiram Clarke, Cartoon Tutor Babi for the cartoon videos, Joseph Patterson (C-Murder look-a-like) for all his help, SoundTrendsLLC, Mike Shahin my video engineer, Calliope Bub, TRU, Too Short, RBC, Snoop Dogg and BoosieBadazz for their work on the album, Ms Deb – New Orleans, Uncle Ant, Big Pokey, Lil Soulja Slim, The Calliope Projects (CP3), Big Stews GFX, my TRU-Bossalinie artists, team, family, fans and supporters. If I missed anyone, my apologies ya heard me?” – Corey “C-Murder” Miller

Check out the AllHipHop.com’s exclusive premiere of “Dear Supreme Court” along with a surprise snippet of the song/video “Under Pressure” by C-Murder, BoosieBadazz & Calliope Bub.