Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Be the Cali Gov; Goes Hard After Getting Dissed at CPAC

Republican darling Tomi Lahren steps up as an unlikely trans-ally to the famous Olympian.

Say what you want … by Caitlyn Jenner has learned a lot from her celebrity daughters, ex-wife and his family friend who used to be the president.

The former Olympic winner, who back in the 70s went by the name Bruce (look it up), has in the past hinted that she would be jumping into politics. Now, she is targeting California’s governor — bashing him for causing the drought in the state.


She posted on Twitter, “It is time to recall Gavin Newsom. We will run out of water. I will immediately move money from the ridiculous high speed rail to develop fresh water sources. The real train coming is… the lack of water!”

People immediately answered with the very necessary “WTFs!”

“You know Newsom doesn’t control rain, or a lake that straddles Arizona and Nevada.” —@FlavoredKCup

“How about your family & friends give up those huge luxurious pools & lush landscape? I have dirt and yuccas for my front yard , you can too. We need that high speed railway. The roads are messed up, traffic congested, and we have bad air days where we can’t go outside.” — @boogiechooze

“As we all learned in school, governors have control over weather conditions.” — @groovychick1973

But the backlash didn’t stop her. She has been going ham, trying to convince people she is a viable candidate for the upcoming Golden State gubernatorial race.

“America First means exactly that. And we have to change California in order to achieve that. #AmericaFirst

“You know they are scared when they cite month’s old polling that was done before I announced. Why would a late April – early May poll be called ‘major’ in a mid July story? #FakeNews

It seems that despite being related to the Kardashians, she has been getting hit with some real bias and transphobia. She was apparently not treated well at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), as attendees called her a “sick freak” and deadnamed her.

She did have some support. Chief among her is Tomi Lahren, a woman that many believe will latch on to any political media play.

“Thanks @TomiLahren We have to keep fighting. Our party is for everyone – the big tent party! I am a proud Republican”

Others also rallied … proving that this Cali play might be something.

“Thanks @parscale I will keep going and keep my eyes on the prize. I went to CPAC to show that the future of our party is a big tent party – not exclusive to anyone”

“California NEEDS a Republican governor! I had a great time interviewing  @Caitlyn_Jenner

here at #CPAC2021!”

Snoop … Drake … Dre … Auntie Maxine … All you L.A. folk, please get y’all people out to vote.