Calboy Blasts RCA Records & Polo Grounds Music: I Ain’t No Slave


The ‘Black Heart” rapper calls out music executive Bryan Leach.

It appears Calboy wants to be released from his record contract as soon as possible. The “Envy Me” performer requested that his fans “spam” RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music’s respective Instagram accounts in protest.

Calboy posted a lengthy statement on his own Instagram page about his supposed label deal. He also warned any up-and-coming artists not to sign with Polo Grounds or the Sony Music Entertainment-owned RCA.

The 22-year-old Chicago native wrote:

For years I was quiet and respectful. Being a team player… for the past two years I’ve spent my own 100s of thousands to put my music out but yet they still wanna benefit off me n not put anything in… I got a gold album but they won’t count it… got hit singles they won’t count & of course my break thru hit single which is 4x platinum, making them millions, I still haven’t seen a royalty. Now they wanna take down Black Heart which is going crazy rn! I put my whole life into music and I went so many different routes before this one. To all my supporters and friends spam these ppl tell em let me go! @rcarecords@pologroundsmusic ain’t been paid in four years from y’all ppl n it was s### to begin with I’ll throw tht bck… Juss let me go @pologroundsmusic @sonymusic @rcarecords

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Calboy Calls Out Polo Grounds Founder Bryan Leach

Calboy later returned to Instagram to share a personal video about the situation. In the 33-second clip, the Long Live the Kings creator took direct aim at Polo Grounds founder Bryan Leach.

“I ain’t no slave, bro. I ain’t no f###### slave. Just let me go,” demanded Calboy. “RCA, y’all f##### up by supporting this n#### and allowing this s### to go on so long.”

The 2020 XXL Freshman Class member added, “Y’all the worst f###### label in the world. I’ll give y’all that little bred back, let me the f### go. F### RCA. F### Bryan Leach. Stop leeching off me, man.”

Calboy dropped the 8-track Black Heart on February 18. That project did not come out via RCA Records/Polo Grounds Music. 2019’s Wildboy and 2020’s Long Live the Kings were RCA releases.

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