California Governor Signs Law To Stop Prosecutors From Using Rap Lyrics As Evidence In Trials

Rappers compared the creativity in their raps to Stephen King novels.

The California governor has become the first state to prohibit prosecutors from using rap lyrics when charging artists in criminal cases, specifically high-profile rappers.

According to TMZ, on Friday, Sept. 30, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 2799 and was accompanied by top chart-toppers who tuned in virtually on zoom. Artists standing with the governor were Too $hort, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Tyga, YG, E-40, and Tu Dolla $ign.

Other influencers from the music industry also tapped in.

This bill is similar to that reported didn’t pass earlier in the New York state’s legislature.

Many of the artists from the Golden State believe their creativity would be hindered if prosecutors could use their lyrics against them.

Georgia, Illinois, and Florida have moved to use rap lyrics in several cases involving rappers, linking them to crimes that they allegedly confessed to in their music.

Young Thug and Gunna and many of the other YSL rappers are being held on RICO charges and their lyrics are being used to keep them locked away and will be entered in as evidence when their case goes to trial.

But West coast pioneer Ice Cube said that the things that they say in their music is often just entertainment and should not be taken more seriously than Stephen King novels.