Cam’ron And Ma$e Call Out ESPN; Claim Network Is Biting Their Sports Show


Cam’ron and Ma$e think ESPN tried to copy what works on the duo’s sports talk show ‘It Is What It Is,’ which is available on YouTube.

Cam’ron and Ma$e accused ESPN of stealing their swag. The duo discussed the network’s alleged biting on the July 21 episode of their sports talk show It Is What It Is.

Co-host Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson mentioned how ESPN introduced a “Cap or No Cap” segment and a segment equating athletes to rappers. Ma$e’s reaction generated laughter in the studio.

“That’s crazy,” Ma$e said. “We need to jack them back. Pause.”

Cam’ron considered himself an ESPN fan, but he wasn’t pleased with the network’s direction in recent months. He thought ESPN’s “Cap or No Cap” segment blatantly ripped off It Is What It Is.

“[For] ESPN to throw a cap segment in there, we just did the cap hats and all type of s###!” he said. “Now, they got a cap segment.”

Cam’ron was unimpressed with ESPN’s attempts to seem more in tune with the culture. He advised the network to stick to what it does best.

“ESPN, don’t go out like that!” he said. “I’m an ESPN fan. Don’t go out like this. This is looking bad. This is looking really, really pathetic.”

Cam’ron added, “When you trying to do some s### that you don’t do, it’s obvious. It’s dead obvious. And it doesn’t look like y’all have the right person in y’all programming room to tell you, ‘That’s kinda corny.’”

Retired basketball star Paul Pierce, a former ESPN analyst, joined Cam’ron and Ma$e on the latest episode of It Is What It Is. Their ESPN conversation began around the 28-minute mark of the episode.

Watch it below.