Cam’ron Claims JAY-Z Doesn’t Love Hip-Hop Like Nas: “He Likes Money More” 

Cam’ron credited Jay-Z as a Hip-Hop historian but believes he loves money more, unlike Nas, who is as Hip-Hop as they come.  

Cam’ron has sparked a debate about who “loves” Hip-Hop more between JAY-Z and Nas after claiming Hov cares more about money while Nas is really passionate about it. 

The discussion arose after Antonio Brown criticized Hov for his performance at Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Although Cam’ron credited JAY-Z as a “Hip-Hop” historian, he believes the Roc Nation mogul is more passionate about business.   

“I believe that JAY-Z, to me—my personal opinion—is not in love with Hip-Hop,” Cam said on a recent episode of his sport’s show, It Is What It Is. “I think he likes Hip-Hop a lot, [but] I think he likes money more and opportunities to take his brand to the next level.”

Over the weekend, Antonio Brown called out JAY-Z for not participating in Hip-Hop 50 events last year. He responded to a social media post of Hov’s surprise performance at the ceremony on June 12. 

“Jay didn’t perform at any Hip-Hop 50 concerts last year where the fans would have known every word to his songs, but he makes time to get ignored by rich white folks. Smh,” he wrote. 

However, Cam said some of the Hip-Hop 50 festivities “may not have been up his alley.” Additionally, Cam’ron believes JAY-Z’s appearance was probably connected to his role with the NFL. 

Cam then mentioned Nas saying it was “refreshing to watch” Nas pay homage to the pioneers at Hip-Hop 50 celebrations.

“I don’t think he loves it as much as somebody like Nas loves it. Nas loves Hip-Hop,” he added.  “He’s another money n#### too, but he loves Hip-Hop. Nah threw a Hip-Hop 50 [event] in Yankee stadium. It don’t get more Hip-Hop than that.”