Cam’ron Freestyles About Owning Rights To Dipset Documentary, Michael Rapaport & Sony Records (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The topic of artists owning their creations has been heavily discussed over the last few weeks.

Jay-Z made it one of the central themes on his new 4:44 album.

Reports about 21 Savage having control of his master recordings also hit the internet.

Now Cam’ron is addressing the importance of ownership in a freestyle uploaded to YouTube.

The two-minute rhyme covers Cam explaining how an unnamed woman attempted to have him sign up for a film about his Diplomats crew.

He raps:

See this lady called me up and said, “Let’s do a Dipset documentary.” Now I usually move independently, but this could be the move of the century. She says, “Yeah, we’ll give you an advance and percentage once we license it.” I’m like, “Here we go, she think I’m slow. Look miss, don’t try this sh-t.” She said, “What?” I said, “The conniving sh-t. You starting to sound like Donald Trump’s campaign, and I ain’t buying it.”

The Harlem representative goes on to say he denied the offer because the woman would have owned the movie.

Cam added that she apparently called fellow Dipset member Freekey Zekey and attempted to create a split between the two.

The freestyle also includes Cam’ron talking about the Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest documentary directed by Michael Rapaport.

He spits:

A Tribe Called Quest did a documentary. Michael Rapaport owns the sh-t. That sh-t don’t even make sense to me…

Michael cool, I ain’t gonna start no racial war. But the roles he picks is tasteless, poor. Me and him could debate some more.

Cam ends the freestyle by saying:

I ain’t no conscious rapper, I’m just a conscious n-gga. When Sony jerked me, it turned me to a monster n-gga. Me and the Taliban went in Epic Records and went bonkers n-gga. I’m just being honest, n-gga.