Cardi B Addresses Accidentally Posting Topless Photo On Social Media

Some people backed the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker by taking part in the #BoobsOutForCardi trend.

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Cardi B’s name stays in the headlines. If it’s not for releasing controversial songs like “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion or throwing lavish Las Vegas birthday parties during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bronx native will often make news for her online behavior.

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I’m still processing all the love I got on my Birthday! It was really a beautiful night! Here’s a sneak peak, more pictures and videos to come! Thank you @playboy for helping to make it super special!

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Tuesday morning (October 13) saw Cardi accidentally post her own bare breasts to her Instagram Story. She deleted the picture but internet users were able to screenshot the Invasion of Privacy album creator’s NSFW snapshot, and it immediately spread across social media.

Cardi returned to Twitter on Monday afternoon to address the mishap. The 45-second voice memo opens with Cardi blasting herself for being “stupid,” but the 28-year-old rapper then goes on to say that she is just going to continue celebrating. Plus, Cardi reminded the world that she used to be an exotic dancer before becoming an entertainment superstar.

“Lord, why the f### you have to make me so f###### stupid and retarded? Why, why, why, why?” said Cardi. “You know what? I’m not even gonna beat myself up about it. I’m just gonna eat my breakfast. I’m just gonna eat my breakfast, right? I’m gonna eat my breakfast and then I’m gonna go to a party. Because I’m not even gonna think about it. I am not going to think about it. Okay? No, I’m not. I won’t. It is what it is. S### happened. F### it. It’s not even the first time. I mean, I used to f###### be a stripper, so whatever. Ay, Dios mío.”

While many online jokes came at Cardi’s expense for exposing her nipples, some of her fans and supporters flipped the embarrassing situation into the #BoobsOutForCardi hashtag. Numerous women and men began uploading photos of their own uncovered chests on Twitter, and Cardi retweeted several of those posts to her timeline.

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