Cardi B And Hennessy Carolina Take On Trump Supporters Over Parking Space

Things almost got violent between Cardi B’s sis Hennessy and a few MAGA loving Trump supporters over the weekend.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Cardi B took to Instagram to snap on a group of “racist” Donald Trump fans who “harassed” her sister Hennessy Carolina over a parking space.

Cardi showed footage of the argument and called out the President for feeding into the alleged offenders with his rhetoric.

“Meanwhile not only you got racist mags supporters that are linching ,racist cop shootings and killing black men all cause their leader make them feel like they could do so,” Cardi wrote.

“My sister couldn’t even park her car today with out this man harassing her girlfriend soon as the camera cane out they started being sweet .TGIS BRAVENESS IS COMING FROM THEIR LEADERS ENERGY.”

In the expletive-filled footage, two men – one of whom is wearing a Make America Great Again cap – and one woman engage in a heated back-and-forth with Hennessy, yelling, “Get your vehicle out of here”. Hennessy replies: “Get the f##k out of my face!”

She goes on to shout numerous times for the two men to “back the f##k off my car,” prompting the female member of the group to approach her. “You’re blocking some people,” she exclaims, to which Hennessy replies: “I hope you know that you will be online and your husband.”

The woman then flashes her middle finger at Hennessy’s camera and begins chanting “Trump” repeatedly. Before the video cuts off, Hennessy focusses the camera on herself as she breathes heavily with rage.

“This f##king racism and police brutality still going on in 2020 is f##king insane!!!!” she penned on her Instagram Stories following the incident. “F##k Donald Trump (and) suck my d##k if you support that n##ga and you racist (as f##k).”

In a follow-up post, she took the time to thank those who supported her and she echoed her sister’s sentiments about Trump’s rhetoric.

“I can’t believe (the people in the video) are openly harassing a lesbian and being racist while wearing a Maga hat literally super confident knowing the president is permitting and encouraging them to yell at people ‘go back to your country’,” she stated.