Cardi B Reacts To Critics Claiming She’s In A Mentally Abusive Relationship

Kulture’s parents seem to be back together after the couple apparently separated last month.

The marital status of Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar and Kiari “Offset” Cephus has gone through more twists and turns in the public eye than a VH1 reality show. Accusations of infidelity and personal conflict have plagued the couple since their 2017 marriage license was revealed a year later.

Cardi reportedly filed for divorce from Offset in September. She claimed the split was over excessive arguing, not cheating issues. While celebrating her October 11 birthday, the “WAP” hitmaker was seen partying with her husband. Both recording artists posted each other on their respective Instagram Stories.

The decision to reconcile with Offset was met with mixed reactions from Cardi B fans and critics. During an IG Live broadcast earlier this week, Cardi expressed, “It’s hard not to talk to your best friend… It’s really hard to have no dick.” She is also quoted saying, “We’re no different than y’all’s dysfunctional ass relationships.”

Apparently that IG Live session did not quell the criticism Cardi was receiving online. This morning, the 28-year-old entertainer posted a video on Twitter addressing anyone that thinks the Migos member could possibly be manipulating her to take him back with expensive gifts and emotional pressure.

“Twitter users be like, ‘Cardi, you’re in a mentally abusive relationship. Oh my gosh, we gotta save you.’ And I be like, ‘Alright, but can I f### him today? Because I need to have sex.’ N##### in my DMs talking about, ‘Whaddup big head?’ I don’t like that. I’m 28 years old and my head’s not big. Actually, it is but not with a lace front [wig]. The f###?” joked Cardi while smoking what appeared to be a cigarette.

Cardi’s Twitter clip amassed more than 565,000 views since being posted a 2 am ET. As of press time, the 30-second video has been retweeted more than 10,000 times, garnered more than 46,000 likes, and gained more than 1,000 replies. Another video posted about 30 minutes earlier also included the Bronx native sarcastically apologizing to the world for living her life as she sees fit.