Cardi B Reflects On Success After Apple Ad Debuts In The Bronx

Cardi B

Cardi B is very humbled and how far she has come in her career.

Cardi B is beaming with pride after spotting one of her Apple Music promotional posters in her old New York neighborhood.

The “WAP” hitmaker hails from the Bronx and on Saturday, she took to Instagram to share a photo of her black-and-white advertisement on the side of a bus stop, which was located right by the subway station she used to frequent.

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In the accompanying caption, Cardi admitted seeing her face on the poster made her realize just how far she had come in her life and career.

“Ok so if you from Highbridge you either take the train in 167 (Street) or 170 w.e (wherever) the f##k you feeling that day,” she began. “I be posted in time square all the time but it really feels good seeing my face in the hood I used to walk to everyday…”

The Apple Music ad encourages fans to check out the streaming platform’s Rap Life playlist, which features songs by artists like Cardi.